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Headline: Stepping Into War Without A Mandate

The Prime Minister has no mandate from New Zealanders or Parliament to put New Zealand into a war, says New Zealand First.

Mr Key claims he is making the right decision by sending troops to Iraq, but in refusing to allow a vote he does not trust the people’s institution called parliament, says New Zealand First Leader Rt Hon Winston Peters.

This is a minority decision and a giant turnaround from the Prime Minister, says Mr Peters.

“In June, before the General Election, he had ruled out New Zealand troops going to Iraq.

“He said New Zealand was not a country looking for a fight. He also commented that he would look to the United Nations Security Council for its view and its sanction of anything that may happen.

“Nothing has changed in Iraq, except ‘his club’ persuaded Mr Key to commit our troops.

“We are not under the legal umbrella of the UN, just on a request from one of the Iraqi factions with a grudge against others.

“The Prime Minister seems ignorant of the geography, history, and the diverse cultures, tribal affiliations and religions of the area his ‘club’ is dragging us into.”

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